New Hotels In Cardiff

If you have been a frequent traveler to Cardiff hotels, you would probably have been bored of all the hotels that you have stayed at. You already know what you would be expecting and all the different things that would be coming your way. More than that, you might also be bored to some extent. It might also happen that you are wanting to celebrate a special occasion and looking for a new hotel to do just that. So be it New Year’s Eve or Christmas, Cardiff has been known to have some of the best hotels or you may even opt for one of many bed and breakfasts Cardiff Cardiff has in store

So for your next getaway, if you are looking for a new hotel in which to stay, consult our expert list that we have compiled.

St. David’s Hotel and Spa

Located right at the center of the city, you will be able to enjoy all the action while being perched on a comfortable armchair in your room. The reason this hotel has been garnering so many positive and favorable reviews is because of the wide range of facilities that they are being able to provide. In addition to all this, they are also known to provide one of the finest New Year’s parties that you will be able to get in Cardiff. After all, partying the night away beside the Cardiff Bay – it truly does not get any better than that. The jazz, the glitz and glamor of New York, along with American songbook are some of the more dominant themes. In addition to all this, there will be a live band that will be playing all throughout the night. In terms of food, it will also not disappoint you. In their menu, you will be able to find all kinds of food items that you can and cannot even imagine. And after a hard night of staying out and partying, you can simply just check in to their spa and enjoy one of the most peaceful massages of your life.

hotel one hundred

The Park Plaza is another hotel in Cardiff which is considered to be quite famous. This is thanks to the amazing service they are being able to provide to their customers. As soon as you will be entering, you will be greeted with a very warm and friendly welcome. Besides this, you will also be greeted with a welcome drink which would be enough to lift your spirits after a long and

tiring journey. So while you are relaxing and sipping on your drinks, the hotel staff will be super-efficient in transferring all your luggage to your room. Besides all this, they will also make sure that you have a wonderful stay throughout your entire trip.

The Hilton

When it comes to discussing hotel chains, everybody must have heard about The Hilton. When it comes to delivering world-class service, no one does it better than The Hilton. Starting from the moment you enter right until you leave their premises, you will be treated like a celebrity. So if you want to enjoy that kind of an experience and also have the bank account to support that, then do check in to this hotel.

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Travel Tip: A Beautiful Place To See When You Are In Chicago!

Lincoln Park Zoo is a must see destination in Chicago for a number of reasons. One time you must visit this place in Chicago is when the Zoo. Lights are on. You can only view the lights during the holiday season so you will need to plan carefully your trip to visit this place in Chicago.

The fantastic light displays are switched on from November 27th, then every Friday and Sunday until 13th December. Lights will be on from 4.30 pm to 9 pm including nightly from Monday 14th December to January 3rd (except December 24th and 25th December).


Tips to enjoy the lights:

  1. Use public transport as the parking lots fill up quickly
  2. Visit the zoo during the day and stay late to enjoy the light displays
  3. Visit during the week as the weekends are usually busier
  4. Take your family on family nights or enjoy a special adults only night with your partner, friends or colleagues.

Lincoln Park Zoo is a pretty unusual destination in that the zoo is admission FREE so there is no charge to get in and enjoy the wonderful array of animals. On a visit to the zoo you can expect to see a huge variety of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds. From Aardvarks to Zebras you are sure to find your favourite creature in amongst the extensive exhibits of over 1,200 animals in just 35 acres.


The animals are on display in special exhibits and themed animal houses with the grounds open from 7am and the buildings from 10am. The Bird House, the Farm-in-a-zoo, the Nature Boardwalk and the Primate House are just a few of the many areas to visit. If you like to be super organised before your visit download the visitor guide PDF) from the zoo website ( with a map, zoo highlights and a comprehensive list of buildings and attractions to help make planning your visit easier.

Definitely consider using public transport for your visit to the zoo as parking in the lots costs between $20 and $35 for stays 30 minutes to 4.5 hours+ and street parking can often be congested especially on the weekends.

Remember that Lincoln Park Zoo is open 365 days a year and is always FREE!

So if you want to hear a Lion roar, see Gorillas climb trees, the prehistoric looking crocodiles and many more animals, put Lincoln Park Zoo on your must see list when you are in Chicago.

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